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5 : Curse Womb Must Die II ##HOT##

Megumi tries to formulate a plan and summons a flying Shikigami. They attack him together, but Sukuna makes quick work of them. The curse throws him away and kicks his body through multiple buildings. Megumi gets overpowered and is at his last straw.

5 : Curse Womb Must Die II

But they came here to ask them to come compete against the other school. Anything goes but killing. What we have here is Shonen Jump training time for Nabora and Megumi. Now as they train we learn that both Gojo and Yuji are marked by the enemy with Gojo the biggest threat and Yuji a target of interest. With that this being the case the curse Jogo brings up the fact that Yuji is dead. To that the human they are talking to smiles. We then cute to Yuji facing off with Sukuna maybe making the pact that Sukuna was talking about in the beginning of the episode. But we will have to see.

After retreating outside the juvenile detention center, Fushiguro notices the death of the special grade cursed spirit. The very next moment Ryomen Sukuna appears beside him, and rips Itadori's heart from his body to take him hostage. Fushiguro begins fighting Sukuna to prevent Itadori from dying when he regains control, but he becomes painfully aware of the difference in their strength.

In modern day Tokyo, society lives in fear of Ghouls: mysterious creatures who look exactly like humans -- yet hunger insatiably for their flesh. None of this matters to Ken Kaneki, a bookish and ordinary young man, until a dark and violent encounter turns him into the first ever Ghoul-human half breed. Trapped between two worlds, Ken must survive the violent...

Both series feature a protagonist who gains the abilities of an inhuman being (cursed spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen, ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul) and uses those powers to fight against those very same creatures.

Both series revolve around the main character being turned into or possessed by an inhuman being. They use the abilities gained from that to fight against the cursed spirits (Jujutsu Kaisen) and other ghouls (Tokyo Ghoul).

After retreating outside the juvenile detention center, Fushiguro notices the death of the special grade cursed spirit. The very next moment Ryoumen Sukuna appears beside him, and rips Itadori's heart from his body to take him hostage. Fushiguro begins fighting Sukuna to prevent Itadori from dying when he regains control, but he becomes painfully aware of the difference in their strength.

A Cursed Womb (呪 (じゅ) 胎 (たい) , Jutai?) is the uterus-like evolutionary stage of an immature curse spirit. They are capable of producing powerful fully fledged curses after the metamorphosis is complete.

Cursed wombs that grow and change shape are expected to produce special grade cursed spirits.[1] A cursed womb can be created from one of Sukuna's fingers. After enough time has passed, a cursed womb created with one of Sukuna's fingers can produce a special grade cursed spirit called a Finger Bearer.[2][3]

In some instances, cursed wombs can be sentient beings who resemble cursed spirits. They're capable of utilizing jujutsu but are much less dangerous than a fully-fledged cursed. In order to reach an evolved state, a traumatic stimulus is required to induce metamorphosis. This includes suffering emotional trauma or being nearly exorcised. When their metamorphosis is complete, their appearance changes completely and they evolve into a much more powerful state of being.[4]

Yuji gets emotional by a mother searching for her son and vows to find him inside. Ijichi-san puts a veil around the Detention Center premises while the three enter the building only to be attacked by the special grade curse.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, the cursed spirit Hanami is seen to have developed her own language system, which is still somehow comprehensible to those who hear it. Those who hear it describe the experience as being quite creepy, whether they be human (like Fushiguro Megumi) or a cursed spirit (like Jogo).

As for what that next phase is, the second half of this week's episode has plenty of exposition to deliver and threads to tease. As much as I was intrigued by the man scheming with the cabal of curses to take down Gojou and Yuuji, the scene had an odd lifelessness to it, and it didn't feel especially tied together with the material focusing on Megumi and Nobara. It's a rocky transition to be sure, and probably the weakest patch of storytelling we've seen from Jujutsu Kaisen so far, but it isn't without its merits. The spooky medical examiner Ieri looks to be a delight, for one, and I'm glad to finally meet some of Jujutsu Tech's upperclassmen. As much as I've enjoyed getting to know our three heroes, the world of the sorcerers was beginning to seem a bit small.

Second, since the priest is instructed to examine some outward sign to confirm whether the woman is innocent or guilty, we need to identify how he could have done that. If the disfigurement view is correct, then the priest specifically looked for the woman's belly to distend (swell) upon drinking the water that brings a curse and for some type of marking (such as sores or ulcers) or disfigurement of her thigh in order to declare her guilty. Or, in the absence of these, he declared her innocence.

Fushiguro, Kugisaki and Itadori fight the cursed spirits on two fronts. When Fushiguro faces his enemy alone, he recalls his recent training with Gojo. He knows that he has to be able to surpass himself...

The cursed item, a rotten finger, attracts evil curses to the school. In order to save his friends, Yuji swallows the finger. This transforms him into a host for the demon, Ryomen Sukuna, an ancient powerful curse that wreaked havoc on the world during his reign.

Yuji, however, wrestles with the curse and returns to the world of the living. Only Gojo and a select few know that Yuji is still alive. The former places the latter under the guidance of Kento Nanami, a former salaryman.

Later, Yuji and Nobara are sent on a mission where they come across two Death Paintings, human brothers who have both curse and human blood. Yuji and Nobara manage to kill them while Megumi exorcises another special grade curse. They are nominated for first grade sorcerer status due to their achievements.

Geto and the other curses lay a spiritual screen over Shibuya, and the sorcerers from the Jujutsu schools arrive at the place to defeat them. Gojo picks off the cursed spirits one by one and destroys Hanami. In the chaos, he is caught in the trap Mahito and the others laid for him, and gets sealed away in a pocket dimension.Megumi and Yuji fight curse user Jiro Awasaka, while Takuma Ino confronts Ogami. The cursed spirit Jogo finds Yuji and forcefeeds him the remaining fingers of Sukuna. Yuji then gives way to Sukuna who fights the special grade curse and kills him.

This awakens thousands of new powerful sorcerers throughout Japan. It is the first step to creating a world infested with cursed spirits and other evil forces similar to what happened during the Heian period.

Episode 4 - Curse Womb Must DieWe hit the ground running with episode 4 as we see the students are thrown into the deep end. A juvenile delinquent centre has been quarantined under the guise of a gas leak. However in reality a special grade curse has taken residence and only the students are available to find any survivors. They are given strict instructions by Kiyotaka Ijichi, if they come across the curse they are to flee or die due to the danger it imposes. They step up and take center stage with the intention to defeat the curse and rescue the survivors . Well, that was the plan.

Yuji , Megumi & Kugisaki explore the building and find its interior dimensions have been changed (it's bigger on the inside). And they immediately discover the corpse of one of the reported targets. Yuji wishes to recover the remains for the grieving mother but Megumi shuts down this request as he believes the deceased doesn't deserve their support due to his negligent background. Before Yuji and Megumi can really confront their philosophical differences, Kugisaki is taken before their eyes. A curse suddenly appears and in that moment, Megumi freezes. Yuji on the other hand attacks the creature and loses his hand in the one stroke. It's quite obvious the curse is powerful and their plan needs to change.

Plan B or Plan GTFO: Yuji agrees to remain and stall the curse until Megumi rescues Kugisaki. He has to wait for them to escape as Sukana would likely kill his team mates out of spite. Megumi rushes off and summons his shikigami (black wolf) to help search for her. Kugisaki was transported to another area and she has held her own, only defeated through contrition and expended ammunition. Megumi arrives just in time from being eaten.

Meanwhile Yuji faces the curse and he finds himself losing. He's very much facing his own mortality and we finally see him vulnerable. Questioning his decision to take this path and fearful of its ultimate outcome. I know a plucky and fearless personality is a popular trait amoung Shonen characters (Goku) but courage is the act of overcoming fear. In previous episodes, I have noted it seems crazy Yujii is absent of any anxiety or fears. So, I was happy to see this emotional revelation.

Once Megumi and Kirisugi escapes, Yuji is able to release Sukana to fight the curse. Now, Sukana is very aware of this obvious strategy for him to kill the curse and he would rather hinder Yuji as much as possible. Unfortunately for him, the special grade curse doesn't want to cooperate and Sukana is forced to kill it. Also revealing within the curse's corpse is another of Sukana's fingers. At first, he is disappointed in how everything has turned out but soon realizes Yuji isn't switching back.

Megumi battles against Sukana and despite all his best efforts, Sukana is easily the better opponent. Sukana only uses physical attacks and he seems more curious to understand Megumi's sorcery than defeat him. Meanwhile, Megumi narrates how reality is unfair and the institution he represents imparts justice (retribution/Karma) into this unfair world. It seems Megumi's ideology has been motivated by someone, most likely someone he loved, who was undeservedly cursed. 041b061a72


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