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Visual Novel English Download ((INSTALL))

i'm one of the many people who played this years ago, and are now coming back to relive the memories. this was a STAPLE in my young, queer life!!! i like to think this is what brought on my love for visual novels, as i don't remember a time before i played this where i was so invested in vns.

visual novel english download

i played this game when it first came out, it was one of the first games i ever played and i think it was a really big start in me finding out i was gay. i love this game so much just everything about it is so beautiful and funny. its defiantly the best visual novel ive ever played and ill never get over how wonderful it is.

i don't usually write comments (mostly because i am not very good at it, i am better reading) but i really liked this visual novel, specially the MC, i don't know if is because of how the story started or if i find his personality relatable to me but i felt like i cared for him and that is something that no other visual novels has made me feel for their MC. The rest is good too, the characters, story and everything but who surprised me the most was the MC.

Koko/Reiko/Void of Desire and the upcoming visual novel belong to the same world. And if you mean the little girl who appears in one of the bad endings, I'm afraid not, there is no more information on that character.

Looking forward for the new visual novel! Will it be from perspective from any known character, by the way? And for Void of Desire, I do see the story of Koko meeting Seiichi in the epilogue, but is there any information on her mom?

The new visual novel will feature new characters. Although there may be references to previous ones, it is too early to say for sure (and not to make spoilers).About Koko's mother, I think there was a line of dialogue from Lilieth talking about her. But I can't tell you from memory exactly where.

In my last visual novel I mention a bit about that at the beginning as well. However, these are aspects that I haven't fully concretized or gone into too much depth yet. But maybe I will do it in the next one, because at the moment, I'm making the first sketches about a possible sequel.If there is curiosity about that, I could try to explain more about the world or give more background/stories and that sort of thing. In a future visual novel or something.Thanks for your comment and curiosity!

I personally i would love to know any knowledge about the world in however way you decide. i think the world you have built here and and in your other visual novels are much worthy of thought and reflection and are just awesome visual novels. though what you have said here makes me think of how much of a forced relationship between humans and monsters (if) it is or how much does one side have or don't against the other. thank you for making this truly, even if it does make feel a bit discomfited, ( perhaps the intention? not a problem in any case) thank you.

Ah, I see you looped the first clip.I gotta say, I've played a variety of visual novels. And while this was a little rough around the edges, it welled up an emotion from me that I have not felt from any other visual novel. The music choice, storyline, the small but sweet setting, the characters, all of it creates this atmosphere that is so relaxing and pure. When I first downloaded the game I didn't expect much from an game, but needless to say I will never be thinking that again.As for the rougher translations, while they do not take away from the story, they are missed opportunities to fully express the emotions and ideas you want to convey. I understand that there are translators who require payment, but there just as many fans of yours that would be more than willing to test-play, translate, etc. for free. For a smaller creator like you who is not able to afford "official translators", please rely on us. I personally would love to. It would be a great chance to engage the community as well!Other than that, it's overall a fantastic game, and I hope to witness more of your talent in the future.Please keep up the good work :3(P.S If there's a way to access the looped versions where would I find them in the games files?)

This is the first visual novel Ive ever read. And I just wanna say its amazing. I love everything about it and its been stuck in my mind for the past week. I really hope there will be a sequel. Insanely good job 10/10!

Adding my review for the visual novel here, interesting that the reviews are not public by default on this website.Muy agradable arte y ambientación.Me gusta el concepto general.Los finales alternativos se sienten algo forzados, o que nos falta una explicación más detallada de por qué los personajes actúan de esa manera; quedan cabos sueltos.Los personajes son interesantes, sería bueno que tengan más desarrollo.La versión en Inglés tiene algunos problemitas debido a que el autor aún parece estar aprendiendo el idioma, pero en ningún momento se vuelve tan mala como para no entender lo que se quiere transmitir, no le quita disfrute a la obra.En general, muy recomendada! Lo disfruté mucho. Debido a los cabos sueltos y a los interesantes personajes y concepto, me gustaría mucho una secuela! 4/5English review: Very nice art and ambience.I like the general concept.The alternate endings feel somewhat forced, or that we're missing a more detailed explanation of why the characters act the way they do; there are loose ends.The characters are interesting, It'd be nice if they had more development.The English version has some slight problems because the author seems to be learning the language still, but at no point it becomes so bad that you can't understand what it's trying to convey, it doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the work.Overall, highly recommended! I enjoyed this a lot. Due to the loose ends and interesting characters and concept, I would very much like a sequel! 4/5

I'm really kind of silly to think "maybe it's boring to read too much" when we're talking about a visual novel, haha. Many times I would have liked to expand more in the dialogues, but as you say; to make it more dynamic the ideal would be to draw more scenes, it is something that in DR for example, I tried to improve. I should be more confident with that.

Prefiero invertir ese tiempo y esfuerzo en una novela visual, ya que es un formato que me gusta más. Por ejemplo, me gusta mucho cuando puedes tomar pequeñas decisiones, aunque sean en el diálogo, o sentir que de manera directa o indirecta eres parte de la historia.

English is not my native language, so it is difficult for me to translate. But I'm trying to do everything in a more orderly and careful way to better check for translation errors in future visual novels. (I'm sorry!)?

I can safely say this has become one of my all-time favorite visual novels, regardless of the proofreading mistakes and overall brevity. Its executed very well and everything fits together almost flawlessly, and is overall a surprisingly wholesome experience for a horror visual novel. It's a 9/10 from me, some improvements can be made here and there (a bit of the writing in some of the ends could be added onto or changed a bit to match the character context a little more too), but as a whole, I'm candidly in love with it! Excellent work! Can't wait for more projects!

You're most welcome, it's too good a project to not comment on! Don't get me wrong (in case I sounded too critical), the fact it wasn't even meant to be an extensive, fully-fledged visual novel game with immense intricacies only makes this project infinitely more of an achievement with how much it was able to fit in such a short time.

I would not want someone to help me or "work" for me for free, because it would not seem fair. (Minimum, he/she would have my thanks in the credits). Although I do not deny that I would love the idea of having some internal feedback in the sense of being able to ask if this idea is good, or if this other one is better. If this design is good, or this other is better, etc. Since, for example, in addition to Dear Rebeca, I was developing about 3 more visual novels. But I paused or canceled them for X reason.

First thing's first, this game is not meant for everyone. It's a horror visual novel. Truth be told I am not a fan of horror or scary media by any stretch. That being said, this is probably the greatest piece of media I have consumed in a very, very long time.

All things considered, Echo is absolutely a must-play for anyone who consumes furry themed visual novels. The game's appeal not only extends to the queer-furry crowd, but even to the general visual novel-consuming public, queer and non-queer, furry and non-furry alike.

I had downloaded VN thinking it was another novel, not realizing it was a Horror VN. And holy shit, how scared I am of horror stuff, but the story is just perfect! Sometimes you want to cry, sometimes you have a stupid smile on your face, and seriously, I finished Leo's route a little while ago, and I'm sure I won't be able to do the other routes without having a mini heart attack, because as I'm a fucking curious, I go looking for information, and holy shit, this is very complex, maybe I just see the other routes through videos instead of playing games, because I'm not sure if my fragile and needy little heart could handle some, especially that of TJ. I guess my only problem with everything is that it doesn't have a really happy ending, byt it's just a problem with happy endings that I have. 076b4e4f54


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