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Dark Netherite

King Orange, now with two Minecraft Game Icons, uses the dark one to create dark versions of the Warden, Endie, Skellington and Spider. They prove themselves to be equal to the originals in terms of strength, but are quickly dealt with when Red uses the Netherite-powered sceptre to kill them. King Orange just creates more of them, but they are all killed when Yellow and Blue enter the Nether with an enormous Titan Ravager, who crushes the Dark Spider and Dark Warden; Meanwhile, Dark Skellington is shot to death by Blue while Dark Endie falls into the lava. When seeing his new enemy, King Orange creates another set of Dark Mobs before confronting the Ravager in combat himself. He creates a Dark Ravager to combat the normal one, but kills it (by accident or on purpose, that's unknown). In the following battle, he sends more Dark Mobs after the heroes, but they're all slaughtered.

Dark Netherite

A few minutes later, King Orange gets his sceptre back and unleashes a gigantic dark hybrid of the Titan Ravager and Warden. When Herobrine enters the battle, he fires a Steve clone from his hand to destroy the Ravager head instantly before spawning more clones that use their swords to slaughter the giant. Once Herobrine possesses Red and creates a giant obsidian golem, King Orange sends a Dark Hybrid to fight him before killing it with a giant netherite pitchfork. This was the last Dark Mob to be spawned, thus marking their end as a short-lived species.

Netherite is a material and ore found in Minecraft, in fact, it is the best ore in Minecraft! You use it to make a netherite minecraft sword, and other tools. This material can only be found in the Nether. It is stronger than OVER 9000!1!!!!!11!!!11!1 Yup, it is indestructible. Even bombs and nukes can't destroy it, unless they try a thousand times. It is so strong, it is near the strongness of bedrock.

So Notch decided that Minecraft needed a new ore, so then he made it. Pretty simple lol. But the thing is, he made it so that it could 1-up diamonds, since diamonds used to be the strongest in the game. When he created netherite, almost everybody loved it except for the Angry Video Game Nerd, since he likes to critizice everything, particularly the addition of netherite to the game because he liked diamonds being the strongest.

Then, you need to put it into a furnace or oven, and you'll get Netherite scraps. Then, you need some gold, and you gotta craft them together to get 1 netherite ingot. Then you need to do the above 9 more times, and you'll be able to craft a full Netherite block!

This was discovered by one of the stupid Minions when they were playing around but then accidentally fell in a lava pit. But then they found out that you can survive falling into a lava pit if you're wearing netherite armor.

Batman owns this type of netherite, since he copyrighted it. Fun fact: Some parts of his suit are made out of dark night netherite. The way he managed to get his hands on it is unknown, but rumors say Batman payed Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick netherite to make a new variant of itself, just for him.

Okay, this is not like the lava-infused netherite at all. This is basically this: Someone pours a whole bucket full of lava on netherite, making it molten and malleable, basically, a blacksmith can shape it into a sword or whatever in this form.

The Warden seems like it gets faster when attacked, and it deals so much damage that it can kill a player wearing full netherite armor in two hits (any weaker armor or no armor will result in the player being killed in 1 hit).

Wardens are found deep underground in deep dark caves located at "the deepest depths of the world" where sculk is found. The area around it is very dark so it is easier for the Warden to sneak up on the player. Though the depths of the deep dark caves are unknown, it's confirmed to be the at the lowest point of the Minecraft overworld, just above bedrock.

Another rare ore that is craved by many experienced players is Ancient Debris. This block can be found deep underground in the Nether realm. It can be smelted and crafted with gold ingots to get netherite, which is the strongest material in the game to make tools, weapons, and armor. It is arguably the most difficult ore block to find, simply because the Nether is filled with lava lakes.

-The stone army is a structure with 2 variations. One of them is hardcoded: this means that it will always be the same. This variant has a tomb, with inside: 64 rotten flesh, 41 bones, a protection IV book, a compass, 2 netherite ingots, a wither rose and a wither skull. The second variant of this structure is a jigsaw variant: this means that the army will be randomized. This variant won't have a tomb, but it will sometimes have netherite scraps inside blast furnaces. Each variant has lots of damaged anvils that can be taken for use.

-The Sanctum dungeon is a massive complex found within The Dark Soot Dunes biome with three main portions: the underground tunnels, the pyramid, and the balancing vault. The entire structure is encased with a single layer of bedrock and is impenetrable aside from the openings of tunnels branching out from underneath the pyramid. The network of tunnels often contains rooms with loot, "sleeping" netherite statues that attack the player if disturbed and will emit redstone jolts, expanding area of effect clouds that wither, blind, and starve players, and the occasional angry enderman. At the center portion of the pyramid contains an immobile boss known as "Project Ruination" which, once defeated will grant access to the Cosmic Cornucopia Vault portion of the structure. The vault contains valuable loot, such as experience bottles, a single netherite block, and a room containing 27 wither skulls.

Sanctum Oceans can appear in both biomes as well as invisible vindicator mobs known as marauders. The marauders have enchanted(Sharpness 3, Knockback 3, Looting 1, Fire Aspect 2) netherite swords, increased player follow range, movement speed, but low player detection range. If a band of marauders are killed they will not respawn again in the same area.

The Voidship Harbor biome is a subterranean void biome that is mostly featureless except the sky, water, fog, grass, and foliage in the biome being colored dark black. More structures will be added to this biome in the future.NOTE: Sanctum oceans have a bug where structures spawn on the water. A possible fix may come in the future, but for now, this is an unfixable bug.

For this next step, you will add _base_nopattern to your current shield texture, so netherite_shield to netherite_shield_base_nopattern.Then, you will need to make a base version for your shield texture, so netherite_shield_base. I recommend looking at the vanilla shield's base texture.

For this next step, you will add _base to your current shield texture, so netherite_shield to netherite_shield_base.Then, you will need to make a nopattern version for your shield texture, so netherite_shield_base_nopattern. I recommend looking at the vanilla shield's nopattern texture.

Netherite can float in lava and is generally super robust. It is indestructible by fire. The netherite blocks are unbreakable, with explosion values situated at 7/8- the highest you can find within the game.

For you to get Netherite, you must take a trip to the Nether to looks for rare ancient debris. This ancient debris will help you craft into netherite ingots before you can forge the best weapons and armor in all of Minecraft.

After you have scoured the depths of Nether for enough ancient debris to finally craft and forge your netherite ingot, you will only need a single ingot for creating a single piece of netherite equipment.

You can easily forge netherite weapons by upgrading your diamond weapons. You can create the netherite sword, netherite pickaxe, netherite axe, netherite shovel, and netherite hoe using a smithing table.

When you find the ancient debris, you will have to smelt the pure ancient debris into a furnace to come up with a netherite scrap. Then, you will need to combine four netherite scraps and four gold ingots in order to come up with one netherite ingot. 041b061a72


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