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Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson

Minty Icons Pro V0.4.9 Apk

GTK applications typically use GdkPixbuf to load images. But gdk-pixbuf package only supports basic bitmap formats like JPEG, PNG or TIFF, requiring to use third-party loader modules for other formats. This is especially painful since GTK itself includes SVG icons, which cannot be rendered without a loader provided by librsvg.

Minty Icons Pro v0.4.9 Apk

When an application uses icons, an icon theme should be available in XDG_DATA_DIRS during runtime. The package for the default, icon-less hicolor-icon-theme (should be propagated by every icon theme) contains a setup hook that will pick up icon themes from buildInputs and add their datadirs to XDG_ICON_DIRS environment variable (this is Nixpkgs specific, not actually a XDG standard variable). Unfortunately, relying on that would mean every user has to download the theme included in the package expression no matter their preference. For that reason, we leave the installation of icon theme on the user. If you use one of the desktop environments, you probably already have an icon theme installed.

Icon themes may inherit from other icon themes. The inheritance is specified using the Inherits key in the index.theme file distributed with the icon theme. According to the icon theme specification, icons not provided by the theme are looked for in its parent icon themes. Therefore the parent themes should be installed as dependencies for a more complete experience regarding the icon sets used.

The package hicolor-icon-theme provides a setup hook which makes symbolic links for the parent themes into the directory share/icons of the current theme directory in the nix store, making sure they can be found at runtime. For that to work the packages providing parent icon themes should be listed as propagated build dependencies, together with hicolor-icon-theme.


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