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Where Can I Buy An Airbrush [TOP]

The action of an airbrush refers to how the trigger functions. With a single action airbrush as you pull back the trigger, air is released from the airbrush which then atomizes the paint. In a single action airbrush, paint volume is controlled by adjusting a fluid needle to the desired point. A single action airbrush is simple to use, however, you cannot change the amount of paint being dispensed without stopping airbrushing. This makes a single action airbrush friendly for beginners and for larger patterns but with certain limitations when it comes to flexibility in the middle of airbrushing.

where can i buy an airbrush

A dual action airbrush provides control of both air and paint volume by the pull of the trigger. When the trigger is pushed down, air is released from the airbrush, when it is pulled back paint can be released. The further back you pull the trigger the more paint you receive. A dual action airbrush provides greater control and flexibility during airbrushing, making it the most common choice for a professional or someone who values having the most flexibility. It is generally better for fine detail work as well.

Gravity feed airbrushes have the cup on top of the airbrush. The benefit of a gravity feed airbrush is that it can feed paint at any given air pressure, which allows for paint to be applied at low pressures. When doing detail work with an airbrush you typically will want lower pressures to reduce overspray, so for detail work (fine lines) a gravity airbrush is often the best choice. In addition to generally being better for fine line work, a gravity brush is usually easier to clean because it has less parts relative to a siphon airbrush. The downside to a gravity airbrush is that it will not hold as much paint as a siphon airbrush.

Siphon feed airbrushes have the cup underneath the airbrush. This allows for more paint to be stored in a siphon airbrush. This makes the siphon airbrush ideal for larger airbrushing projects as you will not have to stop as often to refill the airbrush.

Side feed airbrushes seek to provide the benefits of both types of airbrushes. They can hold more volume than a gravity airbrush and operate better at low pressures than a gravity airbrush. However they are very difficult to clean and can often have leaks, this makes them less popular than gravity & siphon fed airbrushes.

An additional factor to consider is whether you will choose an internal or external mix airbrush. An external mix airbrush mixes the paint and air outside of the airbrush. While an internal mix airbrush mixes the paint and air inside of the airbrush. External mix airbrushes are less common because they do not produce as fine of a pattern as an internal mix airbrush and they do not atomize paint quite as well. However, they can atomize thicker paint more effectively, making them a good option for large area coverage with thicker paints. Internal mix airbrushes tend to be more common and popular as a choice because they produce slightly better breakup and produce finer lines relative to an external mix airbrush.

A final factor to consider is the tip sizes you want with your airbrush. Typical airbrush nozzles range in size from 0.2mm to 0.7 mm. In general, a larger tip size allows you to spray thicker material but can cause the line size to be bigger as well. A common choice is a 0.5 mm tip which is a good multi use tip. For best flexibility choosing an airbrush with multiple tips is ideal. For detailed work anything from a 0.5 mm and below is best while for broad coverage a 0.5mm or larger will be ideal. As a general rule, an airbrush set with multiple tips will provide the greatest flexibility for your project needs.

Choosing the best airbrush for you will depend on your experience and the projects you want to tackle. To summarize all the different information presented we can provide a few common options that will make sense. For greatest flexibility from detailed work to broad pattern projects, choose a dual action airbrush with multiple tips included. If you will do more detailed work then large areas go with a gravity feed, while if you will do large patterns more, consider a siphon feed. For ease of use, consider a single action siphon feed airbrush with multiple tips or a 0.5 tip.

Before you read on, If you already know you are looking for a more high-end airbrush, be sure to check out our Top 10 Airbrushes for Miniatures & Wargames Models post and its accompanying Best Airbrush Compressor for Miniatures post here.

These are both proper airbrush compressors with everything you need to get started and continue for years. Strong pressure which offers everything you need for miniature painting. You even get pressure regulation for then you need to lower the pressure for thinner paints. and unlike the mini compressor in the section above you actually get a pressure gauge so you can tell what PSU/BAR you are spraying at.

So, in principle, like paint brush sizes #2, #1, #0, #000 etc, the smaller the brush/nozzle the finer the paint/spray line. And just like paintbrushes, beginners will often believe the smaller the better for miniatures. But it gets a bit more complicated with airbrushes because of things like the Cult of Paint Infinity CRplus (the best airbrush for miniature painters). Where you get a twin tapered 0.4mm needle allowing for finer lines than a typical 0.02 needle.

Now, if you are already fully committed to airbrushing and you know that this is the direction you want to take your hobby. Then you want to look at buying a compressor and airbrush separately, but that will take some extra reading on your part because this is where we get into the detailed consideration.

Below I have added some pictures of my models before and after I got my first Airbrush. In most cases, these models have been painted justdays apart with my brushed models being used as my colour scheme tests and my airbrushed models being the final result. can you see the difference in finish quality?

This is my practice Dark Angels Space Marine against the Airbrushed version, Fair I used different colours but we are comparing the paint consistency on the armour here. as you can see the airbrushed model looks much smoother with no brush marks

Here is my new Dark Angels colour scheme. Compared to the Ultramarine above you can see the quality level. Ignore the backpack, I got some excess glue on it. You can see the difference an airbrush makes. This took less than half an hour including priming and recess washing some areas with Agrax Earthsahde. It was painted over a black primer. The base was also painted with an Airbrush using Liberator Gold and washed with Reikland Fleshshade.

Thanks for the article it was a good read. However, while the advice given is good for most people, some look to do a lot more than priming and basecoating from the get go. In that case I think it is better to go for a more expensive airbrush, obviously nothing too expensive but i think something with some quality to it will be better.

Buyers Guide To AirbrushesChoosing the perfect Airbrush for your projectTo begin airbrushing you to need purchase an airbrush, an air source such as a compressor, and an applicable airbrush paint. There are many different airbrushes and the wide selection can easily overwhelm beginners who do not understand terms like double action internal mix airbrush or single action. By doing a bit of research beforehand, buyers can find an airbrush that fits their artistic needs.

Before buying an airbrush, customers need to understand the different parts of the entire airbrush system. The airbrush itself is connected through a hose to an air compressor. This air compressor controls the air pressure that passes through the airbrush. The tip of the airbrush holds a nozzle that directs the flow of air and paint via a needle. Nozzles and needles come in different sizes depending on the paint application. For example, an artist doing commercial illustrations uses a very fine nozzle that emits little paint, while an airbrush artist whom sprays muruals whould use a larger nozzle that releases more amounts of paint. Wider nozzle sizes (0.35mm to 0.6mm) spray paint over a larger area than do smaller ones (0.15mm to 0.3mm).

All airbrushes use either a single-action, or double-action air/fluid control mechanism. Choosing the right one is a matter of personal taste or the airbrush application. For artists who just need coverage, the single-action airbrush is all they need. Those who prefer more detailed and controlled work often choose a double-action airbrush.Single-Action AirbrushThe single-action airbrush uses the same basic spraying application found in spray paint cans. The artist pushes the trigger down to get the paint to spray through the airbrush, and how much comes out is controlled through a knob usually located near the tip of the airbrush. Because the air and paint mix in front of the needle, this type is sometimes called an external mix airbrush.

Single-action airbrushes are a great choice for beginners because they are so easy to control and maintain. They are less complex than double-action control method so are easier to control. The downside to this type is that it is not as precise as a double-action airbrush. If you do not require an airbrush extreme precision but for larger overall coverage then the single-action model is ideal.Double-Action AirbrushThe double-action airbrush is a little more complex than a single-action, but this results in greater control. The artist pushes the trigger down to control the airflow, and back to start the paint flow. Pulling the trigger back results in a larger volume of paint being sprayed thus widening the spray pattern.Because the air and paint are mixed behind the needle, this type is called an internal mix airbrush.

One advantage of the double-action airbrush is the ability to shape and craft very fine lines. Freehand artists and t-shirt artists often select this type because of the added precision control. The downside to double-action models is that they are more expensive than single-action types and as you have full control over the paint flow they are more difficult to use. 041b061a72


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