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Back with Aberdeen AAC during the 1980s (when the club won three E to Gs), Wednesday night was the important one. After warming up round the Linksfield track or nearby streets, the group headed out at a good pace, up King Street, down the Beach Boulevard, up the promenade to the Bridge of Don, left towards Balgownie. If the pace was not fast enough by then, it lifted savagely on long uphills, and continued through housing estates before zooming homewards past Woodside, down St Machar Drive and back to Linksfield. This was thought to be ten miles, but the record-holders made clear that it could not be further than nine and a quarter. The second half at least was very competitive and runners sometimes chose to hang on desperately until they were forced to let go, before straggling back or cutting the route short. Either way, it was a serious session, which gave a real indication of how fit or unfit we were. One of our members supplied beer to pubs, so he often arranged for post-run beers (and free snacks) at some hostelry. The venue had to keep changing, since publicans were displeased because, unlike rugby types, most of us could only manage a couple of pints before heading home knackered to bed.

Organs Please Free Download (v27.11.2022)



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